Electoral Commission

Party Election Finance & Electoral Administration

Making legislation simpler, human & easier to comply with.

The Electoral Commission are responsible for supervising and implementing the regulatory framework for our electoral system. They advise and communicate with a huge and varied audience – from the general public to 10 Downing Street.

Rebecca worked alongside both the Party Election Finance team and Electoral Administration teams, to:

  • Turn legislation into understandable, human-centric guidance.
  • Create an easy-to-navigate guidance library system and structure.
  • Educate regulators on how to communicate with different audiences.
  • Teach ‘Effective writing’ and ‘The purpose of guidance’ to guidance writers.

The original guidance (lovingly called ‘the brick’) was restructured into smaller, individual documents, based around audience entry points and levels of understanding, and was rewritten & redesigned around people, rather than legislation.

Alongside the guidance, we also delivered a practical toolkit & training to make the task of writing & creating guidance simpler and easier.

See the guidance in action: www.electoralcommission.org.uk

It really was a pleasure to work with you from start to finish.  I enjoyed the enthusiasm, the attention to detail and the high quality training – in my experience, it is unusual to have all three – so thank you to you and your team.

The feedback has been highly positive from everyone and there is an excitement about getting going on the project – this is the best place we could start from. 

Head of Guidance, Party and Election Finance. Government department.