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Real Ale Bible

Real ale and craft beer are a growing category in the on-trade, with a steady increase in younger adopters. How do you up-sell & educate would-be converts to the joys of real ale?

Our client wanted to introduce a way of promoting real ale, and inform more people about the wide selection they could be requesting at their local.

In line with their brand, this educational approach to real ale was carried out via the voice of the landlord to his ‘locals’ – passing on & sharing his knowledge and enjoyment of real ale & craft beer.

The project needed to be cost-neutral to the client, so we created a proposition where brewers paid to be included, creating a self-funded & educational piece of in-outlet collateral.

The project was a success, resulting in an uplift in ale sales in participating outlets.

Even the notoriously hard-to-please Campign for Real Ale (CAMRA) were positive about the initiative, saying:

The book has a quality, weighty feel to it and contains descriptions of the various beers served, with pages at the end devoted to the brewing process. The brewing information is simple, with a well-constructed diagram that helps emphasise the small number of high quality natural ingredients that go into a pint. I was very engaged with the style here. The rest of the ‘Bible’ is taken up with descriptions of the qualities of the beers with high quality pictures of perfect pints. The creators have aimed to promote the quality of real ale, and this book certainly emphasises that.