Youngs Pubs

WM Barker & Co.

Creating a brand personality for the latest chapter of a London legend.

Our client have owned this Central London pub since 1832, and it found itself in the centre of an urban-renewal area filled with young professionals.

We were asked to help reinvent the basement into a hangout bar for The City. Serving shrub cocktails, craft beer & wines alongside gourmet toasties, the venue needed a strong contemporary brand identity to create buzz & standout in a crowded marketplace.

We researched the history of the venue & discovered a previous owner with an interesting background to provide a hook for the new brand. We created an iconic logo, a character story and a brand pack.

Our client wanted customers to also be evangelists for the new venue, tell their friends and generate repeat business, so they made good use of social media and ‘reverse graffiti’ on local pavements to build a guerrilla marketing campaign.

The bar is already building quite a reputation and gaining column inches in the press, one review saying:

Beneath Bishopsgate lies WM Barker & Co. an underground niche cocktail and craft beer bar, still quite the secret in the City this bar is soon becoming a well known haunt for both “suited city slickers and the creative hipster crowd”.

Our favourite part of this project? The neon sign welcoming patrons to the bar. Seeing our design quite literally ‘in lights’ makes us smile whenever we walk in.