“We are all kind of different, but there’s something fantastic about that, isn’t there?”

– Fantastic Mr. Fox –

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We’re Optimistic Fox.

We help people say & do the things they believe in.

We work with those who are driven by serving others; people who make the world a brighter, better place.

We’re made for brands with heart, organisations with purpose, and businesses that focus on people.

How we do it

Using words, pictures, a bit of psychology and a lot of love, we help shape how people:


See you

We’ll dress you properly, make your outfit match your personality and give you a style you can own.


Hear you

We’ll find the right tone, match words with your purpose and give you a voice that rings true.


Feel about you

We’ll uncover what makes you tick, pin your heart on your sleeve & give people a reason to fall in love.

We’ve got lots of killer skills, but these are our fantastic five:

Compelling communication

We’ll craft 26 letters into communication that’s simple, powerful & useful, giving you a clear tone of voice and words that work to make everyone’s experience of you an enjoyable one. 

Honest Branding

We’ll nurture meaningful identities built on clarity, credibility, relevance & trust, giving you the confidence to be who you really are.

Human Experiences

We’ll build experiences that engage, resonate & build loyalty, making every customer touchpoint & journey an enjoyable one.

Kick-Ass drawing

We’ll create beautiful fine art for everyday use, handcrafting illustrations & icons that bring brands & information to life, and make people smile.

Brain unpacking

We’ll untangle the knots, connect the dots and show you what the horizon looks like, bringing clarity, direction & action to your business.

And this is us

All the Foxes are practical problem solvers with a love for all things people-centric. We carry the knowledge that creativity has the power to connect the unconnected, and everything we do is about others, not ourselves. Apart from this website, of course.

We believe that the best teams are the ones that come together through purpose, passion & trust. Which is why we share our den with a group of extremely talented collaborators and friends; designers, developers, copywriters, UXers, CXers, storytellers, filmmakers & illustrators.

Because of this, we’ve got all the big agency experience under one roof, with the close relationships & cost benefits of a small one. The best bit for us? We wake up every day inspired to go to work, and return home feeling fulfilled & having contributed to something greater than ourselves.

Ed Isaacs

Co-Founder | Man with a Laptop

Rebecca Bailey

Co-Founder | Creative Director

Natalie Hancock

Lead Designer | Kick-Ass Illustrator

Here’s some of the people we’ve helped along the way.

– past & present –

Let’s get together

– and make great things happen –

12 Orange Row, Brighton BN1 1UQ

Phone: 01273 982641

Email: [email protected]